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Registration is on August 18th (17:00-20:00 hrs) at Camping Monteglin: 44.31287, 5.835409
Pilots are requested to install the airtribune-app from the play-store and test it.

General Schedule

Saturday, August 18th  17:00 - 20:00 Registration
Sunday, August 19th 09:00 - 09:30 Mandatory welcome and safety briefing
Sunday August 19th - Saturday 25th Contest Flying days:
 Briefing on Camping Laragne Monteglin
 Briefing on mountain
Take off window opens
Scoring Open
Scoring Closed
Provisional Results 
Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 19:00  Pilot Diner
Saturday August 25th 19:00 Price-giving

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General briefing at 09:00 Am
Upcoming talent 2018: Otto Phillipse
Almost all pilots reaches GOAL (but not the task)
Scoring Sunday  August 19
Class 1 Class 5 SportClass
results today results today results today

  Short movie, made by Joost Eertman  


Briefing at 09:00Am

Best pilot yesterday: Arne Tänzer
Depart for Chabre again
Task Sportclass
task Class 1 & 5

Task stopped at 15:14 hrs, due to opcoming thunderstorm.
The first startgate was 14:00 hrs.
Interval between the startgates was 20 minutes.
In the local regulations it is said that a task should be at least 90 minutes.
So not a valid task for today.
Most pilots stranded near Aspres and flew to the local airfield.

  Short movie, made by Joost Eertman  



Reward for yesterday:
 Jochen Zeischka (class1) flew 57 km,  Tim King (class 5) flew 65 km, Eli Yakirevich (sportclass) flew 10 km
when the task was stopped.
the task-committee together (Chabre again)
task sportclasse (35 km)
task Class 1 & 5 (65 km)
Otto (R) landed on GOAL (the only pilot today!)
Eli was there to congratulate him.
It appeared this year that it is possible to have a competition with less than 5 pilots.
So we seperated today Class 1 and Class 5 into two competitions (see also Sunday)
Scoring Tuesday August 21
Class 1 Class 5 SportClass
results today results today results today
  results 2 tasks results 2 tasks  results 2 tasks 


  Short movie, made by Joost Eertman  


Briefing at 09:00, the scores have to be updatet (nominal distance not 50 but 60 km)
Winner ysterday sportclass (and only pilot on goal)  Otto Phillipe
winner Class 1: Malcolm Brown
winner Class 5: Paul Harvey
Due to expected thunderstorms: NO task today
download a MP4-timelaps from Emiel  (one hour real time)
View from Chabre
It didn't reached the camping, but it was dark at once.


Heavy decision of the task-committee: no task today
discussions all over
Maybe the wind is changing .......................
finally, only a few could start (for a glide to camping)
So, task-committee: good work !!
20:00 hrs: pilots-dinner at the camping
late conversations
almost full-moon


09:00 briefing:  strong wind on Chabre, weak thermals, so NO task today
A surprise from Claudia (DigyFly):
two vouchers for 40% discount on a DigyFly-instrument.
Annet grabs two pilotnumbers......
The winners: Sander and Paul.
The forecast for tomorrow is not a taskable day.
So tonight at 19:00 hrs:  Pricegiving
Final results Class 1
Final Results Class 5
Final Results SportClass 
Final Results Dutch Championchip 2018
(towing and mountain)

The prices

Class 5 SportClass
Best woman Class 1
Dutch Champions Organisation
Best Dutch: Sportclass + Class 1

Hope to see you next year, maybe at Kandel (Germany)

Scoring, Hadewych van Kempen and André van den Akker