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 Dutch Open Hanggliding  2019

Kandel (Germany)
June 15 - 22
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Registration is on June 15th (17:00-20:00 hrs) at Headquarters: 48°07'48.0"N 7°59'57.5"E

General Schedule

Saturday, June 15th  17:00 - 20:00 Registration at HQ
Sunday, June 16th 09:00 - 09:30 Mandatory welcome and safety briefing
Sunday June 16th - Saturday 22th Contest Flying days:
 Briefing and official results yesterday
 Briefing at take-off-area
 Take off window opens
 Scoring Open (evaluation through livetrackers)
 Provisional Results (whatsapp-group and site)
Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 19:00  Pilot Diner
Saturday June 22th 19:00 Price-giving

more info on

Registration at the camping-site

SUNDAY June 16
Briefing: it is a taskable day
11:50 hrs 12:30 hrs
entering  the task
The task for the Topless (the sportclass has the same waypoints, but different radius).
and UP we go !!
Scoring  Sunday June 16
Class 1 Topless Class 1 SportClass
results today results today

MONDAY June 17

Briefing at 10:00 hrs:      first the prizegiving of yesterday
Winner SportClass: Heath Eccles (and first time GOAL!) Also first time GOAL: Anne Conijn
Winner Topless: Gijs Wanders/Arne Tänzer thanks Cluborganiser: Klaus
Take a look at the webcam at launch
The tasksetters made a good task... 
.... but the wind didn't change direction, so tallwind, so TASK CANCELED
Hot (400 C) and windy at the campingsite, see you tomorrow !!

 TUESDAY June 18
 Briefing at launch 12:00 hrs.
 Task-committee preparing the trackers
 Todays task
 SportClass is waiting ....
 Goal (look at the upcoming clouds)
Nobody managed to finish the task, therefore hardly points. 
Scoring Tuesday June 18
Class 1: Topless Class 1:  SportClass
results today results today
  results 2 tasks  results 2 tasks 

 Briefing and prizegiving yesterday at launch: 12:00  hrs
 Uhh ......
 No task today
If you can't fly (21:30 hrs)  ......

 Briefing 10:00 hrs at landing area.
Next briefing at launch site: 12:00 hrs.
Prizegiving Dutch FAI-CIVL-Badges
 Arne Tänzer: Golden badge Sander van Schaik: Golden badge
  To get a golden badge you have to fly:
Distance 150 km
and Duration 5 hours
and Gain of Height: 2000 meters




Price OLC 2018
In Dutch: OverLand Competitie)

Gijs Wanders
Three best flights
of all Dutch pilots in 2018:
552 km together.

 Poor internet: difficult to decide if the weather will be better.
Final decision: No task possible, some free flights maybe 
So, take a lunch and enjoy the day!
 Take Off of Roland (thanks Joerg for the picture)
 enjoy the sunset and clouds.
 Tomorrow Briefing on launch: 12:00 hrs

 FRIDAY June 21
 Ready for going up !!
 "Headquarters" in the back of the car at launch-site
 And we go for a task !!
 the task for Topless-pilots
GOAL (foto's Lo Tänzer)
Scoring Friday June 21
Class 1: Topless Class 1:  SportClass
results today results today
  results 3 tasks  results 3 tasks 
And after the competition...  Pilot Diner !!! 

 Briefing at 10:00 at Landing area (HeadQuarters)
No task today, so prizegiving at 10:30 hrs
 Thanks to Claus for the organisation Tim King (winner Rigids)
 Winners Sportclass:
2: Pawel Wierzbowski      1: Heath Eccles       3: Ronald de Bats 
Winners Dutch:
2: Gijs Wanders       1:Arne Tänzer        3: Paul Engelen
 Winners Overall:

1: Ane Tänzer

2: Roland Wöhrle (not on picture)

 3: Primoz Gricar
There is a special award this year: the Harm Darwinkel Award.
This award will be assigned every year to somebody at the Dutch Open who made a special effort during the contest.
The first one is Araldo, who was the meet-director this year, to help Annet in organizing this contest.

 See you next year !!

Scoring and website: André van den Akker